zac hale
I saw Matthew Ritchie speak some years ago at the Dallas Museum of Art. He’s a captivating storyteller; he had us eating out of his hand. He told us about his ten-year dry spell after moving from London to New York just as the YBA hysteria kicked off, showed us his chart assigning properties of quantum physics to biblical and mythic characters, spoke to the role of narrative in symbolic relation to forces of nature and spirituality. We chomped and gobbled it up.

During the Q&A portion of the evening a white-haired, handlebar-mustached, barrel-chested Dallas patron stood up in his Sunday best and stammered out, in equal parts curiosity and indignation, “do you BELIEVE in this?!”

Ritchie was a bit caught off guard. He looked at the man, paused, then smiled and responded: “It’s just art.”